Campus hiring has become one of the most important and widespread sources of recruitment for corporate houses. Companies go to campuses because they get a good crop. It brings in energy and culture into a company and it cuts the cost of recruitment.

But how do you determine the right candidates out of thousands of students. An effective way is to put them through a general aptitude test to determine the right talent for the right job.

The problem faced by many HR managers is that of designing such tests and going through the time consuming exercise of conducting the group discussions and interviews year after year because engaging your HR resources in this would entail a huge investment in terms of time, effort and cost. What if this task is outsourced?

This is where we step in.

At Caliber, we have a team of qualified professionals who have the acumen to understand your needs and requirements and deliver a customized solution in campus hiring.

How would you gain?

HR Department can concentrate on their core activities rather than spending their valuable time in designing a test paper, conducting group discussions and interviews
Limited resources - You may not have the manpower, time or the space to conduct all the activities involved in campus hiring. Here is where we come to your rescue.
Secrecy- Many corporate houses may find it hard to keep the question paper a secret keeping in mind the various kinds of pressures and influences. We ensure 100% secrecy
Image of the company: The whole selection process may define the company’s professional approach toward the selection process. This can be a way to build a positive image in the minds of students who would willingly want to be a part of such an organization

Our deliverables

A well-qualified team of professionals to design the test paper to suit your requirements
The paper would have sections like
Logical reasoning
Verbal ability
Quantitative ability
Data analysis
Reading comprehension
General knowledge
As mentioned, any section can be included or excluded depending upon your requirements.
We ensure 100% secrecy of the test paper
We have benchmarked our tests in congruence with CAT and MAT
Administration of the test in various campuses across India and on-site as well as off-site evaluation depending upon your need and urgency.
Conducting the next level of assessment i.e. group discussions and assessing the students on the desired parameters.
Holding initial rounds of personal interviews and providing you with detailed feedback on each student thus saving your valuable time.
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